Monday, November 26, 2012

Cupping Therapy At Back In Action In Richmond VA


Cupping therapy is one of the many healing arts therapies that one can find at Back In Action Health Resource Center in Richmond, Virginia.  Dr. David A. Berv, is the director of Back In Action is a board certified chiropractic sports physician and diplomate in acupuncture who uses cupping therapy for a variety of sports and orthopedic conditions.   

Cupping is the oldest and most globally practiced medical treatment in human history. The value and efficacy of cupping therapy has been documented through several thousand years of historical, clinical, and subjective research. Incidentally, cupping was used widely in ancient Greece, including in the Olympic games.  This gave rise to athletes and those looking to remain active, to use cupping to maintain, detoxify, recover and strengthen their bodies. 

Cupping or suction therapy has evolved from the ancient use of animal horns, stone, bones, nuts, seashells, bamboo, earthenware and glass, to a contemporary form which uses silicone and plastic cups of various sizes.  The therapy uses a “negative pressure,” rather than compression of the skin, like massage therapy. It is safe, comfortable, and remarkably effective for many health disorders.
The method is that a cup or multiple cups are suctioned over the treatment area and the suction reduces the pressure inside the cup, which stretches and pulls the underlying skin into the cup. The suction releases tight muscles, drains excess fluids and toxins, loosens adhesions, lifts connective tissue and brings blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles. The pulling action of the cups also engages the nervous system and allows a deep relaxation.

The most common misconception about cupping is the misinterpretation of the marks that are sometimes left on the skin resulting from the treatment, which last from hours to a week.  These discolorations are not bruises.  Rather, it is an indicator of sluggish or compromised circulation in an injured or diseased area of the body, and there is a local build- up of waste products.  The suction pulls toxic and stagnant fluids and blood from deep within the tissues to the skin surface.  This explains why the cups are both therapeutic and diagnostic in value. They both treat the area and demonstrate the areas that are most problematic, indicated by darker colorations. The marks usually range from a dark purple-black, to a light pink, but are usually a shade of red.  Although the marks look painful and something like a bruise, they are not. 

Here is an example of the cups, as well as them being affixed to this patient’s shoulder, and the residual marks left behind after pulling off the cups.  Incidentally, the marks on this person’s shoulder were gone in 2-3 days. This patient, as with most, describe the cupping to give an immediate sense of relief, warmth, relaxation and positive change. 

It is terrific for recovery after sporting events, athletic injuries, chronic conditions, or issues such as rotator cuff injury, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain, scoliosis, sciatica, bursitis, tendinitis, achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, hamstring injuries, knee injuries, strains, sprains, frozen shoulder, it band syndrome and much, much more.

Here are just some benefits of cupping:
-Improves circulation and metabolism
-Facilitates excretion of lactic acid
-Improves blood pressure
-Reduces pain
-Improves mood
-Stimulates and improves digestion
-Improves range of motion of joints
-Reduces scar tissue

Back In Action and Dr. Berv are well known for treating professional athletes of multiple sports.  Here are some testimonials from some professional golfers that Dr. Berv treated while at the Richmond Country Club when the LPGA tour made a stop in Richmond in August 2012.  Dr. Berv performed cupping therapy on many of the golfers:

Thanks Dr. Berv for volunteering at the Eagle Classic. The adjustments you made and the cupping therapy was amazing. I can't believe how much of a difference i felt, my muscles weren't as tense and my body felt so light afterwards. Thanks again and I bet a lot of the Symetra tour players hope to see you again next year!
 -Seul-Ki Park

Thanks to Dr. Berv and his magic remedies for fixing my knee with cupping therapy this week at the Eagle classic!
-Ulrica Van Niekerk

I thought I was not going to be able to golf until you worked your magic. It was my first time with acupuncture and I thought it was great. It was also my first time hearing about that cupping technique, but it worked wonders and I could really feel the difference. Thank you for taking the time to help us out. We all really appreciate it!
 -Taylor Collins

This past week I played in the Eagle Classic here in Richmond at RCC. I had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Berv to various areas of my body that have been bothering me over the last few weeks. Dr. Berv was very helpful and knowledgeable about relieving my pain. One thing that I liked was the variety of techniques he used to work on the players other than chiropractic - (acupuncture, suction, massage). He also took time after the tournament was finished to personally email me to make sure I was doing okay after being treated, as well as suggest a few exercises that would be beneficial to my back. I would recommend anyone (especially serious athletes) to give Back In Action and Dr. Berv a visit. This is the best service we receive on tour all year long and I hope to be able to work with em' again in the future!
-Britney Choy
 Laura KuenyThanks for all your help this week in Richmond! Couldn't have gotten through the week without your chiropractic and cupping therapy services!

Nicole Noelle SmithThank you for amazing Chiropractic work, acupuncture & cupping. Couldn't have gotten through week without it.

Sara Brown: Thank You so much Dr. Berv for donating your time and skills to us girls on the Symetra Tour!!! We really appreciate the chiropractic massage and cupping work you did! Definitely needed for a better week of golf! Wish you were out with us each week... But thanks again for all your help!!!    


         Laura Jansone
: Thank you so much Dr. Berv for helping us out on the Symetra Tour last week! Great chiropractic and cupping services! I had tight upper back and neck from golf practices and Dr.Berv helped me a lot! I felt so much better afterwards! :)        

         Martina Gavier
: It was fantastic being treated by Dr. Berv at the Eagle Classic golf tournament in Richmond last week. By far the best chiropractic and cupping therapy services I've ever received! His treatment was very professional and effective and really helped me feel in great condition for the tournament. I strongly recommend Back In Action and Dr. Berv's treatment to anyone with musculoskeletal issues in need of therapy. Thanks Dr. Berv for all your help in name of all the Symetra Tour golfers who benefitted from your awesome services!


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